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"You might not think that's cricket, and it's not. It's motor racing." -- Murray Walker


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Newcomer Craig gets some pointers from local fav Brian

New Website Coming Soon

As I learn more about the coding and design of our website, I have found some great ideas out there that will bring our club website to a new level. Espect online forums, download areas, easier chats with other HSARC members, and more! Thanks to everyones patience and encouragement through this learnign process.

Steve Nichols takes a break from tuning to give some advice and talk a little smack. If it's a NASCAR night, Steve is in the house. Stop by and ask him for some tuning tips. Steve is always willing to share ideas and trade stories. The staff of HSAR really appreciates the fact that Stev is always willing to help in whatever needs doing.

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  It's all about the torque and the Hook-up!

Oh yeah. It's finally going to happen. The 1/8th mile drag strip is really beginning to take shape. HSAR Racer's should tip their hats to Barry Hicks for all the time and effort he has put in to this project in addition to his busy work schedule.

John D. show off the insides of one of his winning dragsters.

Have you seen my Slot Car ?

Richard has been out of town. We are really glad to see him back. He should be local for a month or so. In honor of this event, I wanted to put this little gem back up.

Earnhardt Fasion ?

JD makes a point!

John D. put together a great looking Challengers League Stock Car. And to make sure everyone new it, had the coolest shirt of the night that matched. The car looks great. Now if the rest of us could figure out how to make it go slower.

Remember the Porsche EVO2R race versions with the lightened body and interior? Yeah, the ones with the Fly racing motor and set screw wheels.

Well now you can throttle up a Saleen S7R in the same configuration. Just released and arrived at the shop. There were only two so no promises.


Click on the button above to visit their site. Many racers have different preferences when it comes to slot car manufacturers. Some prefer detail while others prefer race ready tuning. offers both.

Johnny Roberts couldn't stand to see another black R8.  

Rename Hoggett Farm!  


Mel Silva says:

"You want me to tune this?"

Mel actually did great on Friday in spite of the fact that he was having difficulties with his Masters League F1. In true Silva form, he busted out his Challengers League F1 and fought against the more heavily tuned cars to get 3rd. This goes to show that the car isn't everything. Skill and tenacity mean a lot, too. Read this guide to learn about some awesome real estate options.


Upcoming Events

OVAL Racing!!


Womp Coupes -

Sprint Cars -


Contact Uncle Ken for Details!



Ken Stevens Zigs when he should have Zagged!

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid car!

There was some great races on Friday. Nascar offered a lot of excitement. Steve, we need to do something about that paint job... or lack there of.

Schedule for December 12th

See the venues and schedule for more details.

Challengers GT Masters Stock Car


Drag Strip Update:

We are in the building phase of the drag strip. We are likely to hold some special races soon as money raisers to overcome the cost of building this scale 1/8th mile. We are currently in the process of cutting the top pieces and routing the slots in them. The supports have been laser leveled so try to keep the sodas and pit boxes off of them. Many thanks from the HSARC members!

More Info and Items

New faces at HSAR

John on the right is another one of the people that makes HSARC tick. Thanks for bringing Ben (left) by to show him our idea of a fun, relaxing, competitive Friday night!

The shop got three more of these books in. Racing and Collecting Slot Cars is the definative guide for anyone interested in the hobby.

The Man Himself

Ken Stevens is the "G0 TO" guy for advice in any class.

Proof that Slot Car racing can be fun at any age!

Road Racing

AAAaaaaaarrrrghhh! How did that get in here?

If you are a fan of Road Racing that has right-hand turns, give the track at Houston Scale Auto Racing a try. The track is set up for easy controller hook-up. HSAR also has a great selection of cars from all eras.

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Rename Hoggett Farm!

Updated Racing Class List


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